Monthly Archives: March 2011

Random short

Wow time gets away from you.  I have not made a post in a while.  I started watching baseball thanks to Spring Training.  It gets me excited for the time coming.  I have been really busy at home and such.  Searching for the right job.  Also working on the house and helping my dad figure out what he will do.  I have just been super busy.

Being busy is my fault.  I get excited about some new stereo equipment and have gone full into that.  The basement stereo is sounding fantastic.  It is 90% done when it comes to audio.  The visual side will get worked on eventually.  Music is more important than movies anyway.  Finding great deals on the speakers and other equipment is definitely and issue though.  Cannot afford any more.  I have cut myself off.  At least until I sell some of this stuff.  But I hope everyone can find that joy of hearing some great speakers that play some of your favorite music.

I will go on and on about Klipsch here sometime soon.  It is just some great stuff.  This random blog will get some of my HiFi musings soon enough.  I wish everyone the best.