MLB Dream Job

MLB has this dream job available.  I would love to get it and plan to apply.  It sounds like fun and I think others should apply.  I want to throw out my thoughts on the MLB Dream Job (  There is a feeling that there is some “East Coast Bias” with baseball.  I understand that the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies are three of the most talented and popular teams.  But I just hope whoever is chosen is not a fan of one of those teams just so we do not have to hear about the “East Coast Bias”.  I know anyone who loves the sport enough will be able to put fandom of one team aside for the good/love of the game.  It will already look like a bias with the person being in New York, but MLB is headquartered there.  I could also see if this goes well, the idea could be expanded.  On the New York topic…wouldn’t it be better if the person was in LA or somewhere out west?  That would put the games earlier in the day.  The days would be the same length, but it would shift the day some for the person.  The west coast games would not be so late at night.  Just spitballing.

The key to the project will be to listen to all of the teams’ announcers.  It would be great for that person to highlight some of the announcers.  I know I would listen to the Dodgers games a great deal just to hear Vin Scully.   And there should be no blackouts.  If the person who is watching all of the games wants to hear the Cardinals announcers when they play the Mets, they should be able to.  This person should have access to every feed possible.

Following that thought, 3D televisions may be nice for this person.  I hear they have different feed of the game and such.  The glasses may get heavy watching every game.  On the technical side, getting all feeds to line up is important.  That is to say, if the person watches the game, but wants to listen to the radio feed, it would be nice for this to line up.  HD television, radio, and everything rarely line up on their own.  This should all be worked out for the writer.

This dream job will not be all fun and games.  Watching baseball every day for the summer really does give up some stuff.  I know I watch almost every game I can currently, but sometimes I ignore an MLB game for some college baseball.  And family time sometimes leads to going outside and being away from a game.  We usually have the games audio on all the time though.

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