White Sox thoughts 2/22

The White Sox and spring training.  It is a wonderful time.  Full of hope for all baseball fans.  I love it.  Everything can have a positive spin to it in Spring Training.  Let’s go through some of the Sox thoughts.

  1. Peavy Throwing: Peavy is making process.  That is a good sign.  It looks like the rotation will stand strong even if he is not ready to start the season.  If he does not start the season with the team, it will give some other pitchers a look in the Big Leagues.  With Peavy’s injury, the Sox will take care of him.  They will bring him along slowly.  He will be fresh for the second half and a playoff push.  Also, the Sox have the secret weapon: Herm Schneider.  I know it is an unusual injury, but Herm always does a great job.
  2. Chris Sale in the Bullpen: I hope the Sox make the right decision with Chris Sale.  I think the bullpen can be the right decision.  I just hope the Sox make sure he gets more innings than last year.  Build up that inning count.  Give him some multi-inning appearances with longer rest in between.  Let’s not ruin him like the Yanks and Joba.
  3. The Bullpen: With Sale, Thronton, Crain, Santos, and Ohman set, the bullpen is looking good.  I know that many say relievers need a set role.  I do not believe this.  Ozzie claims he goes by his gut.  I hope he does with his bullpen all year long.  Forget save situations.  Know the game.  Sometimes the most important outs for a relief pitcher come in the sixth or seventh inning.  That’s why they were originally called firemen.  Come in to put out the trouble.  Here is hoping he uses his best/hottest reliever at the most important times.
  4. Third Base: Mark Teahen, I never thought you were the answer for third base.  I thought you could help the team though.  Your defense was below average.  But I think your below average to average defense at multiple positions can be an asset if your bat comes back to its height.  Brent Morel, I hope your bat catches up to your defense.  I think you can help the team.  If you are not ready, I hope they send you back down to play every day.  Ozzie says he will try to make the decision quick.  I hope he does, but only because both of these guys are hitting well and look good in the field.
  5. The Wild Cards: The Sox have a few of these in camp.  Viciedo, Lillibridge, De Aza, McPherson, Milledge as well as the pitchers and catchers.  The fifth starter if Peavy does not start the year with the team will hopefully impress in his few opportunities because the league is not used to him.  It would also be great to see those five listed smash the ball and make things real interesting.  Milledge has the tools to be great, and I could see him making the team with a great spring.  De Aza will get a chance eventually.  Lillibridge offers that true Utility ability.  Viciedo would have to show the ability to play outfield which we are now finding out he did back in Cuba.  And McPherson can be nice insurance in case everything blows up at third base.  Let’s hope it does not come to that, but wish him well with his audition for a MLB job.

I think this year will be fun to watch.  Interesting developments always around.  If Peavy comes back healthy, I actually give the Sox rotation a 1 in 5 shot of being better than the Phillies.  That is a completely biased opinion but Herm Schneider and Don Cooper will keep them Healthy and on target I think.  The best trainer in baseball and one of the better pitching coaches.  Other teams like the Red Sox and Giants have a shot at being the best rotation in baseball.  The Cardinals or another team might surprise as well.  But I look forward to the season with hope and anticipation.



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