Catching up with Wayne

Wow, I haven’t made a post in a while.  These things always seem like a great idea to start and taper off.  Well this one tapered off real quick.  I have been busy with many things.  The job search is going.  I have had a few interviews and they went well.  No positions open as of now, but things are starting to turn around and the companies are hopeful for the coming months.  I have been doing some professional development stuff in this time.  I already have 5.5 Professional Development Hours for the year.  I also have been working on some CAD to MicroStation skills as well as doing training on GIS software.  These skills will hopefully help me in my job in the future.

I had to switchover my phone since my ear speaker died.  My GF gave me her old phone so it didn’t cost me anything.  I am up for an upgrade but I want to wait until I get a job.  At that point, I will make the decision if I want to get a data package.  And I bet some good phones will be available in the coming months.  No iPhone for me though.  I am thinking DroidX or Bionic.  We will see.

I have also been working around the house.  The home office has been completely redone now.  New insulation, drywall, paint and carpet.  I can’t believe how much stuff was in there.  It is nice to have it done.  That means there is one bedroom left and then everything in the house has been redone.  That is an accomplishment.  (This does not count the storage room, or the laundry room that have to be redone but they are in the basement and have doors).

Not everything has been work though.  I have spent some quality time with friends, family and my GF.  Birthdays are plentiful around this time.  I spent a quality afternoon with my grandmother a few days back.  We talked and had lunch.  It was good to spend time together.  I have seen some of my friends and spent time doing fun things in Fort Wayne.  New Thanksmas was a hit in the Fort.  I hope everyone had fun.

Lots of quality time with the GF has been had/is coming.  Lots to celebrate in early February: Anniversary, Birthday, and Valentine Day.  We had one fun weekend in Fort Wayne, and will have a great time in Chicago this weekend.  At least I hope it will be great.

I sold four 1500 Concert Monitor speakers this past week as well.  These were great speakers that can just flat out rock.  They can take 400 Watts a piece.  I was sad to see them go.  The proceeds will go to funding other stereo purchases.  The first was a Soundcraftsman RP2212 Equalizer.  The second was to agree to purchase some Klipsch Heresy’s in decorator cabinets.  The cabinets will need to be finished at some point.  And a third may be a SACD/DVD Audio Player.  We will see.  I hope everything works out.  I am still looking for a Preamp, Center Channel, and maybe a new computer tower (or at least a sound card upgrade).  Those will have to wait for work I think though.  Need income to continue spending.

And finally, a project I have undertaken is to put every CD in the house on the computer.  But this is no basic ripping.  I am using lossless compression so that the sound will be just as good from the computer as from a CD.  This is a large project for me.  We easily have over 300 CDs and I will probably continue this process.  I hope it turns out as good as I am wishing it will.


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