Monthly Archives: January 2011

Da Bears

I cannot believe these Bears.  I have always questioned Todd Collins being ahead of Caleb Hanie on the depth chart.  Hanie did not play too bad.  I wish he would have had a longer chance.  I do not want to question Cutler and his toughness.  But standing on the sideline and pacing does not look good.  And what of that play call on 3rd and 3?  Put your players in the best position to succeed.  The coaching staff did not do that.



I started this blog as my random/everything blog.  Where my blog is focussed on one subject, this one will be all over the place.  Shorter posts and longer post will abound.  We will see how far I venture into some subjects.  If anyone read my notes on facebook, this may be a rehash or similar sometimes.  I will bounce around from sports, to speakers, to music, to life and love, to politics and religion.  Well we will see how far I get into the last of that stuff.  I will take suggestions but may just ignore them.  We will see how this ends up.